About Radius

Designed in the United Kingdom, CNC milled, Stunning looks, Amazing feel.
In 2008, golf industry professionals Graham Webb and Peter Lord began looking at the putter market much closer. The niche, high end putter designers were being drawn towards mass production and the UK designers had all but disappeared. Graham has been a PGA Professional for some 15 years. Peter is a scratch golfer with a degree in Sports science and design.
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Introduction From The Owners

We began looking at designing and developing a range of precision milled putters using our combined knowledge of golf club design and our understanding of the golfer’s natural tendencies. Our companies philosophy is simple…use the best materials possible to make the worlds most aesthetically pleasing putters that actually help golfers of all levels. We will push design boundaries forward whilst appreciating the classic designs. After 3 years of R&D, tour testing and endless searches for the finest milling houses in the world we have now found a way of turning our designs into the most stunning range of putters. We are very proud to launch the stunning RADIUS putter collection.

The Tour

Feedback from the world’s best players is vital when developing new products. During the development of RADIUS putters, we have put every putter to tour to ensure the look, feel, balance and performance is perfect. On occasion this has meant making numerous small modifications to get each putter to the point when we are able to say it is ready for tour, so ready for launch.

RADIUS putter, from retail to tour models are made in exactly the same way to ensure you get the same high quality products the tour players get.