Linea Feel SL Putters

The new LINEA FEEL Sight-Line (SL) is the next stage in the evolution of the Linea range retaining the visible technology we’ve used on Tour over the years.

Alignment is one of the key areas that needs focusing on to enable golfers to hole more putts. This isn’t just the case for amateurs, its exactly the same for the best tour pros in the world. The LINEA range of putters was originally designed to help this through the cut through sole, the LINEA SL now offers full length, full contrast alignment to make correct set up and alignment simple.

Not only will the head help you set up along the correct line but once you are aiming correctly the SL technology will make sure you are also set up square and in line (not open and not closed) and keep the clubface square to your path roughtout the stroke. The clear contrasting colours of the matt black head and the gloss white top sight Line on the head, coupled with the matching shaft, give a full-length, full contrast, alignment system.

Tempo and feel are key elements to good putting. The new proprietary shaft on the SL line has been designed for improving this. The shaft weighs in at 200g making it one of the heaviest putter shafts on the market promoting a slower, more consistent stroke. The extra benefits of the carbon fibre construction are dampening and feel. The carbon fibre absorbs unwanted vibrations that would normally travel up the shaft, this creates a super soft feel at impact.

We’ve maintained our distinctive face milling design on the SL line, producing exceptional roll straight off the face and improving feel further.

Linea Feel SL Wye Putter

Linea Feel SL Wye

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Linea Feel SL Stour Putter

Linea Feel SL Stour

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Linea Feel SL Thames Putter

Linea Feel SL Thames

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