Tour Concept ITS

Tour Concept ITS Putter
Tour Concept ITS Putter
Tour Concept ITS Putter
Radius Putter - Headcover Silver
Radius Putter - Headcover Silver
Radius Putter Shaft
Radius Putter Shaft

The ITS – Inside to Square – is designed to be used for a putting stroke arcing inside the line on the backstroke and going straight through to the target on the follow through. The heel fin is proven to take the eye onto an inside path takeaway. Reduced toe weighting helps maintain balance for a straight through stroke. The ITS is perfect for any golfer looking to perfect this type of stroke or looking to fix a poor, outside the line takeaway.

Style: Inside to Square Finish: Silver Sight Line: Single
  • Available: Right-handed
  • Grip: Radius Standard or Oversized
  • Shaft: Stepless Steel
  • Offset: Full
  • Material: CNC Milled 304
  • Custom Headcover Included
  • Lie 70: Standard, +1, +2, -1, -2
  • Loft: 3.5
  • Weight: 350
  • Length Options: 33, 34, 35, 36

The thought that there is only one way to be a genius on the greens is not one we agree with. We believe there are many ways to be a great putter and this is proven by watching many of the words best players.

From Ben Crenshaw to Padraig Harrington, Tiger Woods to Nick Faldo, they all have varying putting strokes creating different putter swing paths. But they all get the ball in the hole! The Tour Concept PATH was debeloped as we believe certain putter designs work best with certain paths. Therefore we have the ITS (Inside to Straight), ITR (Inside to Release) and STS (Straight to Straight) putters which are designed and weighted uniquely to fit the stroke they were designed for.

Our PATH Concept range was really the very beginning of our design processs and one of the reasons RADIUS was born. Our belief that the putting stroke can work in varying formats led us to look into a design concept where a putter should wokr with a stroke, not necessarily the other way round. With this in mind, our experience led to the design of three putters based on the three most successful methods of putting over the history of time. Inside to Square, Square to Square and Inside to Release.

PATH technology and the mind work together. We all know that golf is very much a mental game, ruled by the mind. The mind can play funny games with our brain and subconcious as shown in the image shown on the right.

The subconcious mind, coupled with visionary stimulants and technology have made RADIUS Tour Concept PATH work as a product. These 3 things have enabled us to make three putters designed to link directly to the three main putting paths.

image showing stripey lines

The stimulant for the 2 inside putters (ITR & ITS) is the fin. This shows a natural path that the putter is to travel back on. Independent testing proves that without any other instruction, the golfer using either ITR or ITS will subconsciously change the takeaway on their putts to a more inside line.

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