Linea Feel Putters

The RADIUS Linea Feel, NEW for 2016, allows super soft feel even with todays harder cover golf balls. The Exclusive Elastomer Polymer blend insert is precision milled into the face of each LINEA Feel putter, delivering a super soft feel. This in turn gives every golfer the confidence to strike the ball positively at the hole, ensuring acceleration through the ball and a more consistent strike and roll. The LINEA Cut through sole on all LINEA putters aids alignment for golfers of all levels.

Linea Arun Putter

Linea Feel Arun

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Stour Centre Putter

Linea Feel Stour Centre

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Stour Heel Putter

Linea Feel Stour Heel

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Thames Putter

Linea Feel Thames

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Wye Centre Putter

Linea Feel Wye Centre

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Wye Heel Double Bend Putter

Linea Feel Wye Double Bend

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Wye Heel Offset Putter

Linea Feel Wye Heel Offset

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