Classic Line Putters

The Classic line up features some stunning twists on classical designs that have stood the test of time. With our unique double milled crosshatch milled face, designed to eliminate dimple effect, utilised across the range and the deep gun-black-pearl finish, the Classic line is exceptional in terms of both beauty and performance.

Classic 1 York Putter

Classic 1 York

Sold Out

Classic 1 450g Putter

Classic 1 450g

Sold Out

Classic 2 Chester LN Putter

Classic 2 Chester LN

Sold Out

Classic 3 Chester MN Putter

Classic 3 Chester MN

Sold Out

Classic 4 Windsor Putter

Classic 4 Windsor

Sold Out

Classic 4C Windsor C Putter

Classic 4C Windsor C

Sold Out

Classic 5 Putter

Classic 5

Sold Out

Classic 6 London Putter

Classic 6 London

Sold Out

Classic 7 Chester Putter

Classic 7 Chester

Sold Out

Classic 8 Putter

Classic 8

Sold Out

Classic 9 Putter

Classic 9

Sold Out

Classic 10 Oxford Putter

Classic 10 Oxford

Sold Out

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