Linea Putters

The New Linea line is made up of 4 models, with a total of 6 options. All models are named after great rivers of The UK. The LINEA range is designed to make alignment as easy as possible. Many of the best putting coaches in the world believe that the setup and alignment is one of the key areas that affect whether a putt is holed or not.

With the new cut through alignment lines on the sole of the Linea range we have made this as easy as possible. The new mid grey finished heads have a fully cnc milled face. This new face, featuring the circular design, is designed to reduce The Dimple Affect, much like the cross hatched face you find on the Classic line. The Linea line has an all new grip and headcover, both colour coded to the mid grey head.

Linea Arun Putter

Linea Arun

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Stour Centre Putter

Linea Stour Centre

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Stour Heel Putter

Linea Stour Heel

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Thames Putter

Linea Thames

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Stour Wye Putter

Linea Wye Heel

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Wye Centre Putter

Linea Wye Centre

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